How it‘s done – your sculpture in five steps

Step 1

Visit our partners

Jotena3D scanners can be accessed in our affiliate stores. Please refer to the section „Locations“ on this website to find out more about their respective addresses and how to get there.

Step 2

Let our scanner take your 3D image

Take a seat inside the scanning machine, and within less than a second it captures your scan image in 3D.

Step 3

Select your favorite version and design for your product

With the help of our extensive product sample collection on site, you can choose among a huge variety of product versions and designs. On the touch screen outside the scanner machine, you can customize your product based on your preferences, and confirm your final choice.

Step 4

We create your sculpture in 3D

Using a combination of manual work and the latest 3D printing technology, we attend to crafting your sculpture with the utmost thoroughness and highest quality standards in our manufacture.

Step 5

We arrange the delivery of your product

Your final product will be shipped to your specified address by our dispatch service provider – if you wish, we gladly also wrap it as a gift for you!